Yellow color vibrant style donuts kiosk cake food booth design

Donuts is a sweet bakery food popular with young people. Especially for the girls love it very much as the cute shape. Do you want to start a donuts kiosk business in the shopping mall? Our company can help you to start a donut business from design to after-sales service.

Now let us check a yellow color vibrant style donuts kiosk cake food booth design. This design with a food display area, cashier & order area and food preparation area.



The color of this donut kiosk is bright yellow color. And the countertop is a white color man-made stone. It has a glass display cabinet for the cake and donuts. On the countertop has a small glass display stand that can display some bread. We leave the space for the fridge and under the countertop, if you want to put any equipment please let us know in advance.

In the display area, we can add the led strip light on the display shelf. The material we can use is MDF with baking paint or plywood with laminate. It is according to your budget and the shopping mall’s requirement.

On the bottom of the donuts kiosk, we can use stainless steel toe kick for a protective effect. We can add the 3d lighted logo and the advertising TV on the donuts kiosk design.




We have a design team that can make a customized 3d donuts kiosk design for you. Please get back to us with the location size of the donuts kiosk then we will make the 3d design according to your size.

For a customized 3d design of the donuts kiosk will charge a 300USD design deposit. We can make it with all your requirement.

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