Shopping mall donut kiosk biscuits food retail booth for sale

Do you want to start a food business but still worry about how to start? Our company has many food kiosk designs and food business ideas for your reference. If you want to start a food business in the shopping mall, you can make a food kiosk to get a start first.

You can check some food kiosk designs on our website or feel free to contact us then we can send more designs to you. Now we want to introduce a donut kiosk biscuits food retail booth design to you.



This is a food retail booth use in the shopping mall to sell the donut, biscuits, or other bakery foods. It is a round shape with the size about 5 x 3 m.

On the countertop of the donut kiosk can put the equipment machines. For example, the display fridge, the oven, the coffee machine and so on.

In order to you can fit the equipment well, please send the equipment list with the size to us in advance.

When we make the kiosk design, we will leave enough space for the equipment machines. To avoid the situation of your equipment machine cannot fit in the food kiosk.



For all the food kiosk, we usually use plywood with laminate.

The laminate material has normal laminate, or Formica brand laminate, wilsonart brand laminate, raw materials imported from the USA.

You can choose the material according to your budget. Different brand of the material the price is also different.

The countertop of the food kiosk can use stone material – man-made stone or quartz stone.



We will pack a whole donut kiosk divided into a few parts. The package is foam inside and a wooden box outside.

Please send us your address then we can check the shipping cost for you.

We usually ship to the port or door to door address by sea.

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