Shopping mall center donuts kiosk cake display small business idea

Many people love sweet food, especially girls and children. A donut is a type of fried dough candy or dessert food. They are usually made by frying flour dough in the shape of circular or flat spheres, and sometimes contain fillings. Other types of batter can also be used, as well as different types of ingredients and seasonings.

Doughnuts are popular in many countries as a sweet snack that can be homemade or purchased at bakeries, supermarkets, food stands, and licensed specialty stores. If you want to start a donuts business, this is a shopping mall center donuts kiosk cake display design. You can check it for reference.



The size of this donuts kiosk is 3x2m, it is a mini size but also good for you to start a business. The front is a big glass display showcase for the donuts and cake. For this glass display showcase, we install the led strip light on the top then the foods look delicious also.

The back side has the water sink and on the countertop has the equipment machine. So the back side actually is almost for the working area. Around the donuts kiosk has a glass guard. Under the countertop has the fridge and so on. You can send the dimensions to us so that we can leave enough space for you.


For a food kiosk we usually use plywood as the basic material and surface finish use laminate. The countertop needs to be waterproof so we usually use stone material – man-made stone or quartz stone both good. Or we can use stainless steel countertop also good, and more durable.

We will install a whole donuts kiosk for you so that you can use it directly. If you need the equipment machine, we can also offer to you.

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