As we all know, egg tart originated in Europe, but because of its simple method, it has been localized and improved throughout the spreading process, forming a colorful style and taste.

In France, egg tarts or custard tastes are similar to British tarts, but are larger and usually need to be cut and shared. Sometimes, various fruits such as pears, apples, blueberries, etc. are added to the tart liquid.

In Germany, the egg tart has been handed by the carnivorous people and turned into a savoury snack with meat and sausage as the filling and custard cheese as the heart. In the east coast of the Mediterranean, the art style is more like cheesecake.

And in Romania, cornstarch and cream cheese are added to the tart liquid, so the texture and taste will be more similar to cheesecake. So no matter where it is, egg tart is a very delicious food. It can be served on the Queen’s table or bought on the street at will. Therefore, there are many ways to sell egg tarts. It can be in physical stores, shopping malls and on the street. Today I want to introduce a kiosk, which sells egg tarts in the mall.

Kiosk Information


Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic

Glass: Tempered glass



The main color of this kiosk is red, surrounded by pillars as decoration. Directly in front is the egg tart display area, the cash register, and the seating area. On the back is our work area, we can put all kinds of machines, such as refrigerators, ovens, etc.

Its appearance is not monotonous. In addition to red, there is a little white with stickers and logos. This can make the kiosk a bit richer. There is an entrance on the right, we can also put a pattern on the entrance door.

The main materials of the kiosk are wood-based panels and baking paint. The color of the baking paint is varied and very bright. It can make the kiosk look more shiny.

The design of the egg tart kiosk is not fixed, it can be of any style. If you also want to start an egg tart kiosk in the mall, we will design it according to your location size, brand style, number of machines, size and your ideas.

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