Beautiful Donuts Shop Furniture Food Shop With Interior Design

If you have an empty place, you want to open a food shop, products such as nuts, cake, or coffee, you can see this shop. If you have no idea to redesign it, you can also refer to this shop style. We also have some other shop interior designs. We can help you design a shop. Because we are a customized manufacturer and have a professional design team.

The appearance of the food shop

nut shop

We can see the shop, is a simple style and has a simple interior layout.  It includes several areas, a reception counter, catering area, wall display area, logo area, image wall…

reception counter

The reception counter is a red counter body, the material is plywood. In addition, it has a glass showcase in the middle, four layers to put foods. The countertop is made of man-made stone, which is durable and easy to clean. What’s more, this counter has a cashier machine on it, you can also put other machines. We reserved enough places and sockets for your needs. Behind the counter, we can see the menu on the wall, so it is convenient for customers to order food.

catering area

nut shop

We can see two sets of small tables and chairs for people to eat and wait for your order. The chairs’ material is solid wood and green polyethylene plastic. It is not normal plastic, not easy to deform and split.

wall decoration area and image wall

nut shop

There are two green shelves as decoration shelves, you can put some paints, and a vase with flowers on it. On the top of shop, there are some chandeliers decorations.  Finally, we can see the round painting light boxes on the wall, it is a luminous logo, so bright and conspicuous.

Welcome to contact us if you have any interest in this shop layout and furniture.

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