How to sell shoes in the mall? It is very common to sell shoes in the mall. You can find a booth in the mall and use it for slippers display. If you have other business ideas, we will also make them according to your needs.

Retailing slippers in a mall is a small business idea, and not too many people will be interested. This means you have less competition. However, almost every family will need some slippers. This has also led to slippers becoming our necessities, we can get more profits from them. So this is considered a very good entrepreneurial idea. Moreover, the frequency of changing slippers in general families is very frequent, so this also highlights the commercial value of slippers from the side.

Here is slipper kiosk 3d design, you can take these as a reference.

Slipper Kiosk with Wooden Style

The slipper kiosk is made into plywood. The surface we will use wood laminate and will make the whole style more original and culture. For the whole kiosk, we will install the logo, light box to decorate the slipper kiosk. The action will make the whole kiosk more attractive and make more people know it a lot.

Kiosk Layout

For the outside of the kiosk, the main color is wooden color. One side of the kiosk, we will have the 4 squares to display the slippers. You can put the latest slippers in it and make the many people know it. You can see the side face, It has the light box to advertise own product.  One side has the logo. For the interior of the kiosk, two sides display the slippers; middle and the two sides put the sitting bench for the customer to try on shoes; one side put the cashier desk, the employee can stand here and service for customer. There is a floor and we will install the electric wire in the floor. Then the two sides can light both.

Production Process

The production will divide into 3 parts like wooden cabinet, stick the laminate, install accessories.

Wooden cabinet: we will use the plywood to make the wood cabinet according to the construction drawings. So we need to confirm the 3d construction drawings before we produce it. We will do it according to the construction drawings completely.

Stick Laminate: We need do this more careful, because we do it by handcraft. If it’s not done well, we’ll redo it.

Install Accessories: We will install the logo, light strip, the sockets and some other accessories.

How Can I Get New Slipper Kiosk?

We have professional design team, and can customize the slipper kiosk according your size and your ideas. You can tell me all of your ideas and needs for the kiosk. Then I will get back your ideas to our designer. You can see all of effect on the 3d design, and you will know that whether it is suitable for you. If you have any idea for the kiosk, no worries, our designer will help you do it.



How About the Delivery Time?

The time include 3 parts. These are design time, production time and shipping time.

Design time will take 3-5 working days. We suggest that we can reserve 15 days to finish it, because of considering the approval from the mall.

Production time will take 22-25 working days

Shipping time depends on which country and which port is near to you. If you located Seattle port, it will take about 28 days.

How Can I Install it When I Received the Kiosk?

When you receive the slipper kiosk, you can put the floor on the ground. Then you can put each cabinet according to the construction drawings. Connecting the electric wire together, the kiosk can work successfully.


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