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4×3 meter wood decoration shoe kiosk mall booth for sale

Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting our website and glad to know you like the shoe kiosk. It’s a good idea to open a shoe kiosk to earn money. Wood surface decoration becomes very popular in recent years. Here is a customized shoe kiosk sharing with you. Let’s learn more together.

Description of shoe kiosk

The size of the shoe kiosk is 4m by 3m, a very common size in the mall center. Timber is the main color of the shoe kiosk. The white color on the base makes the shoe kiosk unique and different. Any other colors that you think look good can be added to the kiosk to make it stand out. As for a mall display kiosk, the main purpose is to showcase the products in a good way.

It has a total of 4 display racks, and different types of shoes can be displayed in order. Consumers entering the store can also try on and choose suitable shoes. I think this design can attract many customers. The locked cabinets on the bottom can restore more products. Such as different colors and sizes in need.

The shape of the arc is also a highlight of this design. It divides the entire space into two evenly, so that more guests will not be affected when selecting. Reception desk set in one of the entrances behind the brand panel. Added posters and TV players can put here for advertising.


shoe shop design

  • Product name: Customized shoe kiosk in a shopping center
  • Size: 4m*3m or other size match your location
  • Color: Natural wood color and white
  • Function: Display showcase shoes and sell shoes
  • Basic material: MDF with solid wood and white laminate
  • LOGO material: 3D luminous acrylic logo
  • Other materials: Hardware, spotlight, cables, stainless steel
  • Warranty: 3 years
  • Design idea: Attractive and creative idea from the shop owner
  • Design time: 2-5 days

For a customized shoe kiosk, a 3D design is necessary. Otherwise, no one knows what kind of mall kiosk you need. And even don’t know what kiosk you bought finally. The 3D design drawing show how the shoe kiosk looks like and make full use of the space. Besides, whenever you think should be better, we can help you modify it soon.

Real pictures of the shoe cabinet

Shoe kiosk design

Does it attract you? Do you want to know how it looks like finally? Here are two photos of when the shoe kiosk is finished. You can even see how it looks like when turning on the light. Every process detail will show you directly, if you think it’s ready to ship, we can package the kiosk and shipping to you.

shoe cabinet style




Producing steps:

  1. Make a wood body. We should first prepare the raw materials and cut the wood panel accordingly, then make the wood model. The step needs 5-7 days depends on kiosk size.
  2. Make surface treatment. The second step is to finish the color decoration. We will first polish the wooden body. Then glue the solid wood board to the cabinet body, and fix it with a clip to make sure it is tight. This step needs 8-12 days
  3. Add light and cables. The third step is to connect wires and add sockets for usage. Ready to complete and start ordering the ship for transportation.
  4. Assembly the door. Finally, add all cabinet door and clean the counters, so you can receive a clear and correct shoe kiosk.

Package and installation

We use pearl cotton and target foam to protect the counter from bumps. The outermost will be packed in wooden boxes. So what you received is a few wooden boxes

shoe shop package

We will write the numbers of each counter on the wood box, so you can put the counters together according to the installation instructions. This job is easy to complete. If you don’t know how to connect the store’s electrical box, please find an electrician for help. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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