Mobile phones are becoming necessary in people’s lives. A lot of people have two or more mobile phones at the same time to meet the needs of their life and work. For their phones, good-looking phone accessories can make the person’s mood more cheerful, so we can try to engage in this business. And there is a beauty kiosk for your reference.

Detailed information

Color: wooden color or customized

Size: 4*3m or customized

Material: mdf with fire-plate

Service:ODM, OEM, 3d service

Design time: 3-7 workdays

Production time: 25-35 workdays


The main tone of this kiosk is the wooden color. Wood grain color looks very upscale and modern, so it is widely used in electronic display furniture.

As you can see in the design, the kiosk has several different displays, which look more rich and designed. and they allow you to display several products. And on its back side is a lockable door. You can lock it when you leave your kiosk.

The inside kiosk also has a storage cabinet for your massive inventory. You are supposed to place your computer or other machine on the countertop.

There is a tall board featuring the phone like, it can place your logo and TV player, which can catch more people’s attention and they can have a deep impression of you.


The surface uses a wooden fire-plate. It looks like natural wood, and has a natural realistic texture, looks more upscale, and it has good toughness, not easy to crack.

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