Factory direct sale mobile phone support stand phone accessory kiosk

Because the cell phone has already become a necessity for us. Not only the sales of mobile phones continue to rise but also the sales of many accessories of the mobile phone. Today we want to introduce a factory direct sale mobile phone support stand phone accessory kiosk design to you.



This set of mobile phone support kiosk combined four parts. It has two display stands in the shape of a cell phone. Inside is the display shelf for the mobile phone support products.

The other two display counters both can display the products on the countertop and the inside has the display area. On the display counter can add the lighted logo and lighted box. We can also offer the flooring of the kiosk to you if you want.



We have a design team that can make a customize 3d mobile phone accessories kiosk design for you. Please feel free to send us the location size and if you have the logo also can send it to us. We will make the kiosk design with your logo and location size.

You can send us the products you will sell then we will make the kiosk design to fit your business. Whatever the style, the color, the size you want, we can make it as your need.


We can discuss the design details and then our design team will work out the 3d design in 3-5 working days. After that, you can check the 3d design and then we can make the changes for you if needed. Then you can send the 3d mobile phone accessory kiosk design to the shopping mall for approval.

After you confirm the final 3d design we will work on the construction drawing. It has all the details on it for final confirmation before we start the production.

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