Newest style mobile phone accessories kiosk for the shopping mall

Many people start to make a cell phone kiosk in the shopping mall rather than open a cell phone shop. To open a cell phone kiosk in the shopping mall, you can use it to sell the cell phone, cell phone accessories also you can offer phone repair services.

One of the advantages of a cell phone accessories kiosk is it costs much less than opening a mobile phone shop. No need to rent a whole shop, you can rent a small location in the shopping mall to start the business. Today let us share the newest style of mobile phone accessories kiosk design with you.



This mobile phone accessories kiosk is mainly for the display area. And inside space has the phone repair desk and cashier counter. Outside is the display showcase and display stand for the cell phone cases and some phone accessories products. For the mobile phone accessories kiosk, we make a wood frame. Then can add the spotlights and lighted logo on the top.



For the material of this cell phone accessories kiosk, we can use plywood or MDF as the basic material both are okay. And for the surface finish, we can choose laminate ( fireproof material ) or veneer and baking paint. The material of the glass we can use is 8mm tempered glass, the thickness can choose 10mm, 12mm as you need.



The factory will install a whole cell phone accessories kiosk. And then, we will send the pictures and videos for you to confirm everything. A whole cell phone kiosk will be divided into a few parts. When you receive it, open all of them and put them together. Finally, need to connect the male and female connector then it will work.


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