Best cell phone accessories kiosk mobile phone cases display cabinet

The cell phone is the hot sale product and almost everyone needs to use it. So the people who do the cell phone business also can sell cell phone accessories. For example, cell phone cases, iPad cases, earphones, USB cables and offer cell phone repair services.

You can check the cell phone kiosk designs for reference. Now let us check a cell phone kiosk design together. Hope you can like this kind of cell phone accessories kiosk design and help you to get some ideas.



The space of this cell phone accessories kiosk is almost for the display area. It has a glass step showcase for displaying cell phone cases. And the hook display area for the earphones, cell phone cases and so on. In the middle of the cell phone accessories kiosk has a cashier counter.

This cashier counter also can as a phone repair desk. On the surface of the cell phone accessories kiosk can add the led strip light and the logo as you like.



For the material of the cell phone accessories kiosk, we can use plywood or MDF as the basic material. And the surface finish we can use laminate or veneer. The glass can use 8mm tempered glass and on the top we can add the led strip light.



We will install a whole cell phone accessories kiosk in our factory. Include all the led strip light, lighted logo, wires and sockets. And then we will pack it foam inside and a wooden box outside.

When the customer receives the cell phone accessories kiosk, just open the packages and put them together. Then connect the wires together to your mall’s local power supply then it will work.

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