Kiosk Information

Size: 4x2m

Material: MDF with baking paint

Glass: 8mm tempered glass

Toe kick: Stainless steel

Logo: Acrylic

Color: Orange, black

Others: LED light, lock, hardware, lightbox

The development of mobile phones is very rapid, and it has many brands, models, and styles. And its version update is very fast, and the types of mobile phone cases that are closely related to mobile phones are even more numerous, tens of thousands, and can also be customized. The cost of phone cases is very low, and many people have a lot of phone cases, so its sales are also very good. What I want to introduce today is the kiosk that is very common in shopping malls.

Glass display cabinets are suitable for displaying some valuable goods. We know that many products are displayed through glass cases, such as jewelry, perfume, and other items. The glass is transparent, and the glass case display can not only allow customers to see our products clearly but also ensure the safety of the goods. The kiosk is mainly displayed through glass cabinets.

Its display method is a pull-out type. When customers take a fancy to one of our products, we can directly pull the display board and show the products to customers, which is very convenient. Pull-out board display is also the choice of many customers.

The lightbox is the main decoration of many kiosks and also our billboard.

The logo is essential, we can put it in blank space or outside the cashier cabinet.

We are a custom company, if you like this kiosk, but want to change its color, you can tell us. We support changing the kiosk size, color and style. If you have a new space in the mall, we suggest making our own design, we can build a new kiosk. It can meet all your requirements, you can also send it to your mall for approval.

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