New design of the mobile phone accessories kiosk watch display cabinet

It doesn’t matter if women or men, young or old — many are addicted to electronic products, researchers say. Recently, as people‘s living standard improves, people’s requirements for electronic products are also becoming higher and higher.

Many people start the business to sell electronic products and phone accessories. Here we have a new design of the mobile phone accessories kiosk watch display cabinet want to share with you.



This is a retail mall kiosk in the shopping mall to sell cell phone, iPad, watch, camera, phone cases, other accessories and so on. It has a pillar for the logo and a lighted box. Or we can make this area with the advertising TV so that you can play the pictures and videos.

The display area for this kiosk is the glass display cabinet. All the products can display inside the glass cover. On the top of the glass cover, we can install the led strip light. The bottom is for the storage cabinet for you to put some stock. On the corner has the glass display for the watch, inside is the rotate acrylic display rack.

Inside the middle of the cell phone accessories has a display showcase for the phone cases. Use the slatwall and hooks to hang the cell phone cases. It has a small cashier counter next to it. On the stainless steel toe kick, we add the blue led strip light under it, making the whole kiosk look good.



A whole kiosk will be divided into a few parts. On each part of the kiosk, we will install the wire on the bottom, and come out the male and female connector. After you put each part together, then connect the male and female connector to your local power supply then the kiosk will work.

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