Nowadays, there are a lot of cabinets for selling mobile phones in shopping malls. If you want to stand out from the numerous cabinets and attract customers’ attention, a unique design is essential. And there is a matched phone kiosk design for your reference.

Detailed information

Color: wooden color or customize

Size: 3*3m

Material: mdf with fire-plate

Service: 3d design, ODM, OEM

Design time: 3-7 workdays

Production time: 25-35 workdays


The main tone of this design is the wooden color. This color is very modern and fits with the theme of selling electronic products.

The kiosk also has metal poles, which form a geometric figure, adds some design sense, and is more attractive to the eye. The poles allow us to hang a sign. People can notice your brand name easily.

The kiosk consists of several glass display showcases. These big display areas allow you to show your electronics as much as possible. And in the corner of the counter, it can place a TV player and light box to advertise your product. It can also decorate your kiosk well.

The centre also has a small counter for register counter. You can also use it as the work counter.


Its surface is made of wood-colored fire-proof board, with realistic texture and delicate touch, which can greatly improve the grade of your shop. And it is more environmentally friendly, low in formaldehyde, will not have any impact on body health.


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