Wooden Cellphone Kiosk New Custom Electronic Product Counter Showcase

Electronic products have long been a part of people’s life and work. In order to attract customers to buy, various electronic product merchants are also improving the performance and appearance of their products. When you sell these products, you should choose a suitable retail kiosk. This will help you increase the sales of your products.


Overall, this kiosk is a relatively comprehensive kiosk, it can not only display cellphone products, but also display products such as tablet computers and laptops, and display these products in different areas in an orderly and tidy manner.

To achieve orderly classification, we need to consider the layout according to the characteristics of your product. The kiosk is mainly used to display mobile phones, and we can also see more counters in the design, which are still mobile phones. The row of counters with the cashier is the area where the phone is displayed.

We have adopted two different display methods, one is to place your mobile phone inside the counter, and the other is to use small wood standing to display mobile phone products so that you can use different display methods to sell different brands and different prices points. Mobile phones, make a clear distinction.

The other side of the Kiosk has space reserved for the display of tablets and iPads. Because the laptop is relatively large, it is usually placed on the countertop for display. For iPad products, we designed a wooden standing style, and the vertical display can save space. You can place some products.



The interior of the kiosk design with a lot of lockable drawers and cabinets to maximize the use of space. Allowing you to store and store your various items. There are also many exterior decorations of the kiosk. We set your logo on the cashier counter in a prominent position, a smart advertising machine install on the side of the kiosk, using different color materials to make your kiosk more eye-catching.

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