Newest type cell phone kiosk design mobile phone glass display case

Now, just about everyone has a smartphone, connected to the internet almost everywhere almost all the time. So that is why many people start to sell cell phones. But in the meantime, this is also a relatively competitive industry. If you want to run the business well, we must take more attention to it.

First, you need to make a cell phone kiosk to display your products. This cell phone kiosk is the most important thing to attract customers. So we need to make a good cell phone kiosk design.



Today let us check the newest type cell phone kiosk design mobile phone glass display case. It is a size about 4x3m of this cell phone kiosk. The usage of this cell phone kiosk is mainly for displaying cell phones and iPads.

The display area of the cell phone is the glass display cabinet. On the top of the glass display cabinet, we will add the led strip light then it can light up mobile phones. In order to let the customer can see them clearly.


For the basic material of the mobile phone kiosk, we can use MDF with baking paint. You can let me know what color do you want and we can make it as you like. The glass of the cell phone kiosk is 8mm tempered glass, the thickness you can choose 8mm, 10mm, 12mm.


We can make a customized cell phone kiosk design for you. A customized 3d design will charge a 300USD design deposit.

We will work out the design and send it to you in 3-5 working days. You can send it to the shopping mall for approval and then we can revise the design if they required it.

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