Mobile Phone Cabinet New Invention Cell Phone Kiosk

phone kioskAre you looking for a mobile phone kiosk? Before starting a business, it’s useful to purchase a unique cell phone kiosk to start a business. Today, I want to share a nice cell phone kiosk with you. You can use it to sell mobile phones, phone covers, and phone accessories.

Description of the cell phone kiosk

We build the mobile phone kiosk size is 4m by 3m. The cell phone kiosk includes a glass display cabinet, back wall shelving, brand logo wall, and storage cabinets. We can also add a brand logo on the kiosk for advertising.

The main material is Plywood with laminate finishes. We can also use MDF with baking paint to build the kiosk. Other materials include tempered glasses, acrylic logo, lighting lamp, stainless steel, and spotlight.

smart phone kioskLayout information

The front area has a glass display cabinet with shelving, we can place mobile phone displays here. Each shelving has a lighting lamp to increase the brightness. Under the counter has the 4 white frames decoration. Behind it is a cabinet to show the showcase cabinets.

The back area has wall cabinets with hooks and glass panels. We can attach the brand logo in the middle. You can also add a brand logo, posters, and TV players. We can see there is a tall wall stand on one side. We can also set brand logos and posters here. If you need furniture information, just contact us here.

Top view & real photos show

mobile phone cabinet mobile phone stand

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