Modern type cell phone kiosk tempered glass display showcase

Nowadays, people’s daily life is inseparable from mobile phones, and the replacement of mobile phones is fast. So the potential consumer group of opening a mobile phone store is very large, and the profit is relatively ideal.

One of the hottest sales products of our company is the cell phone kiosk. You can make a cell phone kiosk not only can sell the cell phone but also can provide the phone repair service. If you have an idea to start a cell phone kiosk, please follow with me for the below ideas for your reference.



The size of this cell phone kiosk is about 3 x 2 m, not a big size. It has a cashier counter also as a phone repair counter area. And two stands for displaying the cell phone on the countertop. The middle has a gap that can put the USB cable here for mobile phone charging. So that this display table can for the customer to try and test the cell phone.


The middle is a glass display showcase with a step display. You can display some cell phone accessories like the cell phone cases here.

The pillar on the back has a logo sign and a lighted box or you can put an advertising TV screen here both a good idea.

Inside the glass display case and under the stainless steel toe kick we can add the led strip light to let the kiosk look more attractive.



Our company can offer a customized 3d design service to you. You can check some cell phone kiosk designs on our website and talk with us more about your ideas. For a customize 3d design will charge a 300$ design deposit.

Then our design team will send the 3d design to you in 3-5 working days. You can check it and let us know your idea. We can update the 3d design with your idea.

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