Wood Finishes Cell Phone Kiosk Phone Accessories Stand in Mall

mobile phone kiosk Do you plan to open a nice cell phone kiosk in the shopping center? Recently, solid wood kiosks become popular because they high-level the cell phone shop and can create a luxury feeling of your phone shop. Here is a nice mobile phone kiosk sharing with you.

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk needs an area of 4m by 3m, it includes an experience table, slat wall cabinet, glass display showcase, cashier counter, and advertising area. The main color is solid wood veneer, and flooring is also in wood color with a metal edge.

smart phone boothExperience tables

Its total has 4 display tables in the front area and right-hand side, we can place many mobile phones on both sides. Therefore, clients can experience cell phones here. It has metal support, a wood base with a white top, that better shows cell phones.

Slat wall cabinet

There are 2 slat wall displays with hooks in the back area. You can hang phone accessories, phone covers for sale. Besides, there is a storage cabinet with sliding doors to place more products. It’s a good idea to leave space at the top to attach the brand sign.

cell phone kioskGlass display showcase

The glass display cabinet is very popular in the shopping center, which is good for clients to purchase products. It’s good to display phone cases. The same style or model can be placed on the same layer. Moreover, the glass door sliding door is set in the front, which is convenient for customers to buy.

Cashier counter

The cashier counter is set near the glass cabinet, it has a white panel in the front. It is near the entrance, you can receive people here, and check bills.

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