12ft by 11ft Cell Phone Kiosk Useful Glass Showcase to Guyana

cell phone showcase

Cell phone and phone accessories have a great market because it makes our life very convenient. We have made unique cell phone kiosks for many brands, today, I want to share a nice cell phone kiosk with you. This is designed for a customer from Guyana. If you like it, we can make it fit your business.

12ft by 11ft cell phone kiosk

This cell phone kiosk size is 12ft by 11ft, which fits the rental location. Before making your mall kiosk, just let us know the exact measurements. The main tone is a white color with purple decoration, and yellow light increases the high technology of cell phone kiosks and attracts people so much.

cell phone kioskLayout introduction

We can see there are glass display counters surrounding 4 sides. They are in a full display showcase area in front, while behind are storage cabinets. According to clients’ needs, we add glass shelving on some counters to show mobile phones and smart products. Another glass counter has a slat wall with hooks at back, that can hang more phone charges, earphones, and even phone covers for sale. There is also a phone repair counter in the middle for repair services.

mobile phone kiosk

There are two tall tower displays at the position of the diagonal. It’s a good place to attach brand signage and TV players. We can also add shelving here to increase the display showcase area

Reception counter

The reception counter is placed on the front side, there is a large hollow-out luminous signage on the body. Next to it is a corner display stand, that can show hot sale products for easy taken away. In another corner, we can put up lightbox posters here for adverting.

Production photos show

The cell phone kiosk is well done in our workshop. From the product photos, we can see the real effect directly. Besides, all the processes and details are updated regularly to the owner. We will also test the wires, lights, and hardware before shipment to make sure everything works well.

phone booth smart phone kiosk phone kiosk glass cabinet

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