Wooden Beer Wine Display Cabinet Indoor Alcoholic Beverage Kisok

Wooden Beer Wine Display Cabinet Indoor Alcoholic Beverage KisokWe all know that water is the source of life. People can not eat food for seven days, but they cannot drink water for three days. With the increase of human intelligence, people began to invent drinks other than water. Liquor is a kind of drink loved by people since ancient times. Whether at home or abroad, everyone has their favorite brand. Drinking has become a form of gathering for everyone. So, when you are looking for a display cabinet that can display the liquor you sell. It just so happens that today I will introduce to you a stylish retro wine display cabinet.


Main material Introduction

We can see from the picture that most of the basic materials of this wine display cabinet are made of solid wood. Both retro and durable. However, the corresponding cost maybe relatively high. We can also use plywood and laminated technology to make it to reduce your cost. Those partitions are made of tempered glass. The MDF material used for the black display rack part. Because mdf is easy to make into various shapes that people want, it is often used in furniture manufacturing. Its surface uses baking varnish process. Beautiful and easy to clean. The reception countertop is generally made of artificial marble, if you have other needs. We can design and customize according to your requirements and needs.

Layout Distribution

This is an L-shaped display cabinet. The display cabinet can be customized to the number of display shelves you need according to the size of your product. In the middle, various sizes of “hui” word shape display stands are designed to display your products. An L-shaped reception desk is placed next to it. Several chairs can be placed. It is not only convenient for customers to consult, but also allows customers to take a break. The open indoor shopping mall pavilion does not restrict customers from which direction to observe the alcoholic products such as beer or red wine on display.

Installation Introduction

The installation of the display cabinet is very simple. Due to transportation restrictions, we will divide the display cabinet into several small parts. We will install some small parts of your display cabinet. Including promotional posters, advertising machines, your logo, etc., are all installed. And leave wire holes for your cash register, LED decorative lights and other places where electricity needs. You only need to connect the main circuit and various parts of the display cabinet after receiving the goods. The installation is complete.


The design can let you clearly understand whether the display kiosk meets your requirements and business. We can design and customize the regional distribution of display cabinets specifically for you according to the equipments and machines you need. Proveide you with 3D model and design drawing for your reference. You can submit the design drawing to the shopping mall for approval if you need. Our design will charge USD300, which will be deducted from your subsequent order amount.


UNIQUE is a factory that specializes in providing customized display kiosks for you. We can customize the style you want according to your needs. We have been designing and producing various display cabinets for 18 years. Also professional design team and production workers. After you pay the design fee, we can start designing for you. During the design process, you can tell us in time if you have any requirements. We will make changes for you right away until the design is satisfactory to you. When using materials to make the display booth, you can also tell us your requirements, and we will provide you with the materials and equipment you need.

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