Mall Kiosk Beverage Stall Retail Exhibition Booth with Counter for Sale

drink kioskDo you like to drink carbonated drinks? Carbonated drinks have a big market in the world. In summer, it’s great with ice cola, ice sprite, or even cold beer. If you plan to start a cola business in the shopping center, this beverage exhibition booth may help well.

Retail bar counter design

No matter how long you plan to open a business, a location at size 2m by 2m or 2m by 3m works well. It is easy to operate and can get a return very soon. This bar counter size is 3m by 2m, with a service counter, back wall decoration, ceiling, dining table and bar chairs, and a large bottle shape model.

Service counter

This service counter is mainly used as a bar counter, that people can sit down and taste beverages. The salesperson also expresses items to the clients here. The main color is black, which high levels the beverage booth and also increase a good feeling.

beverage booth

Back wall shelf

On the backside has a tall wall display shelf, which has multiple layers to place beverages for sale. While the middle area also uses to show products and put up advertising posters. There is a squared ceiling with the brand sign at the front. The back wall and service counter have a metal base to support the roof.

Bottle shape model

There is a large beverage shape model at the right front. It has a brand logo, posters on the surface, looks the same as the beverages for sale. Dark blue flooring light attracts poeple and also makes your mall kiosk standing out.

Flooring & Lighting

Flooring matches the renting sizes, wires hide under the flooring to support a light lamp. Dining tables and chairs also set here allow more clients’ sit down and drink them.

If you have new ideas, we can also add them to your beverage kiosk. Just send us an inquiry and get your food kiosk design.

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