New Fashion Three-sided Wall Food Kiosk Outdoor Coffee Cabinets

Have you ever seen a kiosk with three-sided wall before? Do you think it might exist? Would you go to this fast food kiosk to buy the food?

However, this actually exists. You only need to find a benchmark wall near the location where you have chosen to open the store, so that the three-sided pantry can be placed. And, because there are more and more outdoor food kiosks. If there is no attractive feature, it is difficult to compete with other fast food kiosks. Get enough customers. The three-walled pavilion itself has certain characteristics and can be promoted by itself as an advertisement. Attract young people to come here to punch cards. So as to bring people flow.

Food Coffee Kiosk Detail


  • Size: 1.6m x 1.2m
  • Basic material: Solid wood, tempered glass, metal frame
  • Surface finish: Laminate
  • Countertop: Artificial stone
  • Logo: Lightbox logo
  • Decoration: Lightbar, poster
  • Production time: About 28 working days when we confirm the design and drawings

The main materials of this food coffee kiosk are solid wood and metal frame. You can tell by the color of the wood grain on his surface. Correspondingly, its cost will increase a lot. And you also can do laminate. Laminate is a surface treatment, a thin layer is attached to our substrate. Laminates are available in two effect options: wood grain color and solid color. Woodgrain colors are also divided into many kinds, when we confirm the order, we will send you all the options of our wood grain colors. Our skirting is made of the metal, which can prevent water from infiltrating into our basement, thereby effectively protecting our kiosk.

Kiosk Installation

Because our light bars, lightboxes, glass, sockets, etc. are all already installed. When you assemble this kiosk, it will be very simple. You just need to put the separate cabinets together and connect the male and female connectors at the bottom of them. Then connect the main wire in the cabinet to the main power supply of the mall, turn on the switch, and it can work.

If you still don’t understand, we will take an installation video for you, so then you will be clear.

Shipping Details

We always use fast and on time delivery.Within 25 working days after receiving balance by sea. If you have a shipping agent, please inform us at first, then we will recommend shipping agent for you and make a quotation including transportation fee for your choosing. Or if you have any objection with transportation fee, please inform us, we will remove transportation fee and contact with your shipping agent before delivery time.

About Design

Our kiosk design is 300USD, when you place an order, it will be deducted from your total payment. We provide 3D design images and construction drawings. You can submit them to the shopping mall for approval. When you get approval, we can start production. And our kiosk is customized according to your requirements. You can change anything you want.

Payment Methods

Our payment terms are 50% deposit and 50% balance payment before. We support TT wire transfer and Western Union.


If you have anything want to know, please contact us at once!

Email: :+0086 136 8246 0100


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