High quality waffle kiosk/ pancake kiosk/ mall snack food kiosk with equipment

As we know, people often like to taste delicious food. If you want to start a business locally, the best way is to customize a unique kiosk. It will save cost and time than opening a food shop, and it is also very suitable for entrepreneurs.

A good food kiosk design is the key. We have more than 10 years of experience in manufacturing kiosk and have been recognized by many customers. If you are looking for food kiosks, please contact us and we can help you make your ideal kiosk.The following is the sharing of our design details, let us take a look.

 Unique pancake kiosk description

The color of this kiosk is richer and brighter, looks very modern and attractive. Its shape is like a car model,and  it is easy to get people’s attention in the shopping mall. It includes a sink, countertops and two freezers e,etc. And customers can buy food from the window and pay for it. We will add the machine you need in the design, you only need to make a list of the machine including the size. So we can leave enough space for you to put the machine and you can see the overall effect.

Behind the kiosk is a door, the staff can close the door after entering the kiosk, which is convenient and will not be disturbed. We use stainless steel as the kick, which protects the kiosk from friction. The light box painting on kiosk are directly attracted to customers, and the light box posters can be changed at any time according to your needs. It is very convenient and practical.

We are a custom factory, can change the color and customize make any shape of kiosk for you. You can tell us your ideal kiosk and the products you sell, and our professional design team can customize build the new design for you. And during the design process, it is allow to modify and add new ideas. After you submit the design to the mall, we can also make modifications based on the feedback from the shopping mall until we get the approval from the shopping mall.

Packing and shipping details

When the production is finished, we will assemble the whole kiosk and take some photos for you to confirm. Then our workers will divide it into several parts for shipment. We pack them with foam inside and sealed in wooden cratesto prevent the product from being damaged during transportation.

Our usual mode of shipping is by sea, which takes about a month to arrive.The exact time depends on your country and port, you can tell me which port is closest to you so we can check the shipping cost and time for you. Door to door or other modes of transportation are also available. It’s up to you.

About the time

A project will have three time periods, which include design time + production time + transportation time.We recommend leaving three months to complete a project and making sure there is enough time for each step.Usually our design time is 3-4 working days, and considering modification and mall center appvoral, it will take about 7-15 working days. The production time is 18-26 working days, and every part of the kiosk is handmade to ensure product quality. For the transportation time, as mentioned above, it will take about one month by sea.

Unique display company is to have a complete management system and design team, we will create your satisfactory design  and responsible for you. If you would like to start your business as soon as possible, please let us know your requirements and plans here.Welcome your inquiry!

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