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When you plan to start your business in the mall, do you confused about how to get the perfect kiosk?We are a professional kiosk manufacturer with over 14 years of experience in making kiosks and have excellent design department to make new designs for you. We can provide design, production, and delivery services to help you step by step.

Details of snacks kiosk

The color of this kiosk is mainly blue and white, which is very attractive.It includes a cash register counter, two small display freezers, two sinks, and some machinery. Our factory can provide equipment for you. If you still need other machines, you just need to tell us the size of the machine, and we will leave space for you on the kiosk. Setting high sign is very common on kiosks. Which can not only show your product also attract customers’ attention, even if they are far away. Also, it can also be set as a price list poster, so that customers can buy directly when they see it, which can save time.

We can see the personalized lightbox poster installed outside the kiosk. It’s very fashionable and good-looking. When you make a new product, the poster can change according to your needs, which can keep the kiosk fresh. Also, mark your logo to make impress people with your kiosk and service. If you want to open a kiosk, please contact us and let us know your requirements. We can make new designs based on your products and needs. Our design and materials meet the requirements of the shopping mall, which can get the shopping mall approved easily. If the shopping mall has feedback on the design, we also modify it according to the mall requirements.

Share real production drawings

When you confirm the order and pay 50% deposit, we will arrange production. During the production process, we will track your order and will send you production pictures or videos to let you know our production steps. Our production is exactly according to the design, so you should check the design carefully, it should be noted that when the production starts, we do not allow any modification.

How do I open a snack kiosk?

First, you need to have enough funds and make your business plan to get a unique kiosk. And you should know clearly what type of kiosk you need and provide us details of the snack kiosk. such as logo, size, etc.

We will charge $300 as the design fee before the start of the design. Which is a guarantee for both of us to ensure that our design can meet your requirements. We will deduct it from the order price, so we provide free design. We will confirm and modify the design with you repeatedly to meet your ideal snack kiosk.

We adhere to the principle of customer first, quality first to provide you with good products and services.

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