Wood Surface Cell Phone Kiosk Retail Phone Display Counter

phone kioskA mobile phone kiosk is a good place to sell smartphones and promotion brands. Today, I want to share a nice phone kiosk design with you. It support customize the size, color, style, and materials. Let’s view the details together.

Introduction of the cell phone kiosk

This mobile phone kiosk includes a mobile phone display counter, wall display shelf, brand logo sign, and decoration roof. It has a very simple design but has a high-end surface. Wood view an environmentally friendly material and can showcase the products well. This phone kiosk size is 3m by 3m, material includes plywood, wood veneer, acrylic, stainless steel, and light.

Cell phone display counter

This mobile phone kiosk has 5 mobile phone display counters in total. Mobile phones stand shown in two lines, people can select and purchase the mobile phones directly. It is a table looks but has space for wires to connect the mobile phone holder with alarm.

mobile phone showcaseWall display shelf

The middle area has a high stand, it has multiple shelves to show phone accessories and products. Brand signs attach to the side so that people can view you better. Lightbox paint set behind the shelves for advertising.

Decoration roof

The decoration roof on the top, brand logo add to the 4 sides, so that poeple can see you from different directions. The ceiling hangs under the mall floor. If you want to use this roof, you need to communicate with the landlord in advance and obtain permission. We can also use columns to support the roof.


This kiosk has flooring. We can choose a suitable color, material to make the flooring. The size should match your location size. Materials include wood, Vinyl, tile, etc. The wires can also hide within the flooring.

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