Gold Color Mobile Phone Kiosk Phone Accessories Display Booth

phone kioskA mobile phone kiosk in the shopping mall is a good place to display a mobile phone kiosk. We can use it to show mobile phones, phone covers, phone chargers and can also do phone repair services. It’s also a good place to promote products and improve the brand impression. Today, I want to share a nice mobile phone kiosk with you.

Golden and black mobile phone kiosk

This mobile phone kiosk includes display cabinets and wall shelves, looks like a retail mobile phone shop. On the front side, there is an L shape counter in the entrance. It uses as a cashier counter, service table, and display cabinet. The brand logo also adds here for advertising. Next to it is a display shelf with a glass door. Phone accessories can place here for easy view and purchase.

The backside is a high wall display shelf with light. We can make double side display showcase area for more items. Therefore, clients will also enter the shop and take phones away to increase sales volume. Most of the mobile phone kiosk has lightbox painting and TV player for ads. We can also leave a space to facing the public.

Mobile phone kiosk in the mall

phone kioskThe mobile phone kiosk is complete in our workshop, and we will assembly well to show you how the final looks. When receiving the kiosk, just put them together in order and connect wires to use.

Details about phone kiosk

  • Size: 2m by 2.5m
  • Color: Yellow and black color
  • Material: 8mm tempered glass, MDF, baking paint, acrylic, lighting, stainless steel, etc.
  • Produce time: 25-28 working days

The phone kiosk in Unique Kiosk Ltd. is of good quality and can use for many years. It is customized according to customers’ special ideas. Whenever you have new ideas, just let me know and we will add them to the phone kiosk. And build it the same as you want.

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