Phone display stand is very normal in our life, we have seen many type display stands in the mall, or phone store. A unique display stand or phone kiosk is very important for the phone business. The phone business is our first step for the kiosk.

A unique phone display stand is very important for a phone business. Next, I will introduce the mobile phone display stand with you.

Description for the Phone kiosk

You can see the phone kiosk have two sides to serve people and will make the people know it clearly. We all know that a unique display kiosk will leave a good impression for the kiosk. The good impression will increase the profits.

For the middle of the counter, we install the frame with the logo, for the right side, we also install the led TV, and customer can see the bread clearly.

The side of the kiosk, have the logo. We suggest that we will use the sticker for the kiosk. Then people will know the whole display stand.

There are also some light strips for the kiosk, and will make the kiosk more attractive. For the unique kiosk, we will install many kiosks, and will make the whole display stand more bright and unique.


The main material of the phone kiosk, we will use the MDF as a main material. Because it is easy to shape, and can create many beautiful shape for the kiosk. We will know that a unique sculpt will make the phone display stand more unique. The surface we will use the baking paint. During the step, we will send the Pantone color card to you. Then you can pick up one that you favorite.

Support for 3D design

The 3d design will show all of your needs and you will see the whole effect clearly. You will know what this kiosk with your needs will look like. If there are any modification, we also can assist you modify it. Besides that service, we also can assist you get the approval from the mall.


Production Process

The production process include the 4 steps. First step is to produce the wooden cabinet according to the construction drawings. During the step, we need to cut the material and assemble the wooden board into the wooden cabinet. Second step is to polish the wooden cabinet surface to make it more smooth.  Third step is to do the 4 primers and the baking paint. Final step is to install the logo, socket, baseboard, light strip and some accessories.


The package includes the outside package and interior package. The interior package we will use the EPE foam to pack the edge and corner for the display stand. Outside Package we use the wooden cabinet which made into MDF. Then put the interior package into the wooden cabinet. And seal it with nails.

Order Process

  • Need to contact the sales and tell them all of your needs. Then our designer to work out solid plan for you.
  • Please arrange the production deposit before produce.
  • Quality Testing
  • Arrange the balance payment before shipping.

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