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Nowadays, more and more people can’t leave the cell phone. Almost everyone has one or two cell phones. With the high technology development, the cell phones are upgrading all the time. People will pursue the new upgraded cell phones with their functions, especiall Apple and Huawei brands. Every brands want to make their cell phones to attract people with new functions. So people not only like to buy cell phone, but also buy the cell phone accessories. Sometimes, there are some problems with the cell phones, they also need to find the place to repair the cell phone. If you have a store of the cell phone, you can have one cell phone kiosk in the mall, because the mall is very busy, there are many people shopping every day. If you have the business in the mall, it will bring the big profits to you.

Descripton of the cell phone kiosk

Now I introduce one cell phone kiosk to you, please look at the picture. It can be seen that the main color of the kiosk is red and white, which looks very high-end, because these two colors are the good match no matter for something.Descripton of the cell phone kiosk If you wear the clothes with these two colors, which is also good-looking. The size of the kiosk is 4.5*4.5m, the shape is sqaure. Besides, we can see from the picture, there are so many places to display the kiosk functions. There are 4 cell phone repairing counters to offer the repairing service to people. People can choose the sticker on the screen or solve the cell phone problems. And the showcase is near the counter to show the cell phone and accessories, when people come here to repair the cell phone, they can choose what kind of accessories or look at the new cell phones. There are many cabinets on the counters, which can storage many things, such as cell phone repairing tools. There are two corners to show the charging products with the battery sign for the cell phones. And another two corners is the high pillars to display the brand logo sign, which can let people leave the deep impression. One cash register is in the middle. This kiosk is really good for the business, not only can sell the cell phones, but also can offer the repairing service and sell accessories. It is very functional and high-end design of the kiosk.

The design of the cell phone kiosk

The design of the cell phone kiosk

our business step is: Design according to your requirements—you send for mall approval–we modify according to your mall requirements—-confirm 3d design- –produce. So when you have the needs of the kiosk, please don’t hesitate to contact us and communicate more about the details. If you have no ideas of the kiosk design, please don’ worry, we will offer you a new and unque stye design according to your size and style picture you choose. If you have the ideas on the design, it is better for us to make one 3D design to you, in this way, we can meet your needs maximally with our professional experience and skills. When you have the needs to make some changes, we can modify it for you. Normally, the design fee is $300. It will be deducted in the order amount if you place the order. So in fact, it is free design for you. Everyhing can be negoiable.

Strenfth of our design
a. The top professional designers to guarantee perfect and creative jewelry display showcases design.
b. Design for many international famous brands and won many good customer reputation.
c. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction of design.

The design of the cell phone kiosk











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