8x6ft Phone Display Cabinet Luxury Mobile Phone Kiosk to the USA

Smartphones and phone accessories have become popular recently. It’s a profit idea to open a mobile phone kiosk in the shopping center. Especially for a small size location, we have to arrange the display counters and advertising area better. So it can make good use of the place and earn money. I want to share a nice mobile phone kiosk today, it’s very good to use as the first business plan.

Luxury mobile phone kiosk

phone kiosk

From the design picture, we can see it is good to place where the back side not good to walk. In this case, we make the backside a display shelf and slat wall display to increase the showcase area. Let’s view more details together.

Size introduction

The kiosk size is 8ft by 6ft, a very common size in the shopping center. Many people begin their first business with this size. Because it needs small invest and easy to operate. We can also rent another kiosk size to start a business.

Color decoration

The main color of the phone kiosk is white. Dark red color on the bass, kiosk frame, and top ceiling to decorate it. We also use white light to bright the kiosk and products.

phone shop in mall

Layout information

The front side is a long display cabinet with a glass shelf. We can place smartphones on each shelf, so clients can see and purchase them directly. There is a tall glass display cabinet on both sides of it looks like columns. It is made of glass and is a good place to display many kinds of objects. And can attract customers from different directions to buy. What is the difference is the left glass cabinet has a small shelf with glass as the base.

We can see that there is a high-back cabinet on the left, with phone display shelves of different heights. It is very suitable for displaying large products such as smart speakers. We put up lightbox painting on the top for advertising. While behind it is for TV players facing the clients.

The back wall is a display shelf with lights on each floor, which can illuminate all the items on the shelf. We can also hang phone accessories on the slat wall display stand. While the right side is a smaller counter with an entrance door.

phone stand design

Material of the phone display cabinet

Main material: MDF

Surface material: High glossy baking paint in white and red color

Cabinet material: 8mm tempered glass with light strip

Other materials: Stainless steel, Lightbox painting, sliding rail, lock, sockets

We can also add brand names and logos to the phone kiosk. So people can remember us better. A brand logo is usually made up of acrylic, stainless steel, Neon, etc.

This phone display cabinet has the most display area because the counter can be used for display and storage at the same time. When the cabinet door is locked, no one can take the phone away.

mobile phone display

Design and production of the phone display cabinet

Design steps:

  1. Tell the designer about your requirements. Such as phone kiosk size, layout, color, material, etc.
  2. Pay a design fee of 300usd to create a 3D design drawing. The design drawing including design photos and detailed drawings. Need about 3 days to complete.
  3. Check and confirm the final design. We have to confirm it as the final design. If we have new ideas, it is also updated in this step.
  4. Calculate cost and confirm the order. The kiosk price according to the confirmed design. And 50% deposit before production view order confirmation.

Production details

Workers produce the phone display cabinet according to the construction drawing, so we can receive the right kiosk. We should also know how the phone kiosk being built from the progress photos.

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