With the development of The Times, electronic products emerge in an endless stream, but in general, we have touch frequently with mobile phones. It contributes to our lives, such as in working or studying, compared to computers, it has small volume and low price. That is why a cell phone is in each person. There is no denying that most people can’t live without it. Therefore, in this post, I want to introduce a mobile phone kiosk for you. If you want to have a try at starting a mobile phone business, hope it can help you.

Design idea


A few days ago, we received an inquiry. A customer told us he wanted to purchase a cell phone kiosk, which is different from others but simple. It must be high-end. We all know that, in the mall, it is common that phone kiosk is black and white. and all of them use more glass displays. If we want the new kiosk to look more different, then we can do it from these points. After a long talk and many modifications, we designed this kiosk and satisfied his needs.

The layout of this phone kiosk

We can see from this picture, the main tone is white and deep blue, which looks more simple and elegant. From the left side, we can see a tall board with a logo. It can make visitors see the kiosk logo directly when they enter or pass by. Under that, showing a discount poster can make the customers know the store campaign and attract them.

Behind the board, there is a workplace with two chairs, which allows consumers to trial products. On the opposite wall, it also has a board. The cabinet is used to store equipment or important documents. On the inside of kiosk, there are another three workbenches. You can use them to display the product. Under all of them, they contain the cabinet having enough space to arrange. In the outside of the kiosk, there is a worktable, and a division board with the product poster.

More information:

Item name: cell phone kiosk

Color:white and deep blue color


Style: simple and high-end

Function: display product

Advantage:, rainproof, fireproof, moisture-proof, anti-exposure,

Main material: MDF, Plywood, stainless steel frame

Design time: 2-3 business days

Production time:22-25working days

Payment terms: 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.


It is an interesting hollow out logo. and it is the only decoration in this kiosk. The funny logo makes the simple kiosk without being dull. You are supposed to send us the logo in PDF a then, we will show it in the 3D design.


The main body of this kiosk constructs plywood and MDF.These two types are the most common as furniture material. But they have some differences in price and performance. The former has better waterproof performance than MDF. But its price is so high and the weight is stronger than MDF.Usually, the material depends on the price and type of kiosk.

About the design

We have 14 experience in factory sales and are dedicated to customizing kiosk or shops. To this day, we have held a mature development and production line. So, if you have your new idea about our product, we could design and customize the unique one for you.

First, you need to tell us your specific requirements, including your size, logo, favorable color and so on. We can customize it for you.

Second, for the customized 3d design of this kiosk, it charges 300$ design deposit. The design deposit is a small part of the total cost and will be deducted from the total cost when you order.





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