Indoor Wooden Cellphone Display Showcases Repair Cabinet

Mobile phones have become an indispensable tool in people’s lives. More and more people feel insecure when they go out without their mobile phones. You need a mobile phone to eat and sleep at any time. Some people can’t sleep even without a mobile phone. It can be seen how important mobile phones occupy in people’s daily lives. So, you can find some business opportunities from it. The demand for mobile phones is constantly increasing.

Description of the kiosk

Material introduction

  • Size:  30 ㎡ or according to your needs
  • Basic material: MDF, Solid wood
  • Other matesrial:Aluminum groove,tempered glasses, ect.
  • Surface finish: Laminate, baking paint
  • Logo: Lightbox, acrylic logo
  • Decoration: Lightbar, poster, tempered glass
  • Design Time: 3~5 working days
  • Production Time: About 28 working days when you confirm the design and drawings
  • Price: Depends on your final design

The main material are solid wood and MDF. Solid wood is sturdy and durable. And MDF, it’s the most popular material to build display kiosks. Because MDF is often used in the shop decoration industry because of its flexibility. It has a solid surface and can be used for a long time. It is easy to process into different shapes and has high stability. The surface always use laminated or baking paint. We will according to your needs to choose. Other materials include the LED light, lightbox painting, acrylic logo, stainless steel, etc. We can also upgrade materials to get a different effect to meet your requirements.

Layout Introduction

As we can see from the picture, this is an open mobile phone retail store. Customers can enter the store from both sides of the store. The store is mainly divided into two areas. One is the cell phone repair area. On the other side is the mobile phone display retail area. The cabinets used are mainly wall display cabinets and vertical display cabinets. Make full use of the space in the store. The repair bar also has obvious signs, which is convenient for customers to find.

Color Matching

As you can see from the picture above, the main colors are wood grain and black. The choice of the color of the display cabinet in the store is very important. We will provide colors for you to choose. Of course, you also tell us what color you want. In this way, we can customize the kiosk you want according to your requirements when designing.

Shipping Details

We usually ship by sea. It usually takes about 28 days. This is determined based on the time provided by the shipping company. And we need you to pay the balance before we can ship the goods. If you have your own freight forwarder, please let us know in advance. It is convenient for us to contact him.

About Design

  1. We can set the area of the equipments you need according to your requirements. Give you a clear understanding of your kiosk. And you know it whether meets your business or requirements.
  2. Our design is USD300, then it will be deducted from your order amount in the end.
  3. And we provide you with 3D design drawings and construction drawing. You can submit these to the shoppoing mall for approval if you need.
  4. Our design totallly according to your requirements and needs, during the design period you can change anything you wnat. Until you are satisfied.

Please contact us if you like it!

Email: sales01@uniquekiosk.com/WhatsApp :+0086 136 8246 0100

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