Smart Phone Kiosk Design Glass Display Showcase in US Mall

phone kioskA cell phone kiosk is a good place to start a phone business. It mainly uses to display smartphones, phone accessories, and even smart products. With the fast development of the 5G technique, the mobile phone has a big market. Here is a cell phone kiosk sharing with you.

Cell phone kiosk design

This cell phone kiosk needs an area of 2m by 2m kiosks, main color is white with purple decoration. Material includes MDF, baking paint, tempered glass, brand logo, and posters.

cell phone counterGlass counter

There are two glass display counters on both sides, it has multiple layers to place cell phones and products. Behind it is locked doors so that clients can’t reach the items directly.

Experience showcase counter

The experience counter is mainly decorated in purple. The mobile phone is placed on the counter table with an acrylic mobile phone holder. Guests can feel the performance of the mobile phone and choose their favorite style.

phone shop

mobile phone showcaseWall display stand

Wall display stand set near the entrance door and use as a back wall. TV player and brand logo attach here for the brand logo, every client can view the advertising and remember you better. Besides, the glass cabinet facing the public, which can attract more clients, and can increase the showcase area.

Corner counter

The corner counter has 3 curved counter in total at the corner. It avoids sharp angle and makes the kiosk looks better. So that you can put more items on the counter table, while the bottom cabinet use to store more items.

This mobile phone kiosk can customize for you. So you can first rent a location in the mall, then choose a suitable style to fit the location. Finally, you can find professional manufacture to design and build a wonderful mobile phone kiosk. No matter how special your kiosk, Unique Furniture Ltd. can meet your demands.

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