Huawei cell phone display booth mobile phone kiosk

Hello, everyone! Welcome to visit our company website. The mobile phone industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Still many businessmen want to start a business although under great competition. If you have an idea want to start a cell phone business, this article can give you a big help.



This is a cell phone experience counter for display the mobile phone. Meanwhile, the customer can sit here and try the cell phone. The size of this cell phone experience counter is about 3 x 3 m or customized size.

For a customized 3D design of the mobile phone kiosk will charge a 300$ design deposit. We will send the 3D cell phone kiosk design to you in 3-5 working days.  Please review the 3D design and let us know if anything needs to make changes.



For the layout of a cell phone kiosk, we can make it as your need. Please discuss with our sales team the details. For example, the size, the layout of the display area, the sign, and the seating area etc. Then our design team will make it in 3D design and send it to you.

Finally, when the customer confirms the final 3D design. When we finalize the final 3D design, then we will make the construction drawing. So that you can send it to the shopping mall for approval. After we get approval from the shopping mall management, we can start the production.



The material of a cell phone kiosk is MDF with baking paint. And the wood color of the mobile phone kiosk is veneer and varnish. Or another material of wood color we can use laminate material. The price is a little different for different materials.

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