Simple cell phone kiosk design shopping mall display booth

A cell phone is a necessary tool for our life. So many people start to sell cell phones. If you want to start a cell phone kiosk business, our website has many designs for your reference. You can check on our website to choose your favorite cell phone kiosk design. Now let us introduce a simple cell phone kiosk design to you.



The size of this cell phone kiosk is about 3 x 2 m or customize sizes for you. It has a glass display on the front and on the countertop can also display the cell phone.

It has some lighted boxes on the sides that can put the posters for advertising. This cell phone kiosk has the frame and top has the spotlights. We can hang the advertising TV or price list here.

The color of the cell phone kiosk we can customize according to your logo or make it as you like.

You can choose the kiosk color from our pantone color sample. We will double check with you before we start the paint job.

The material of this cell phone kiosk is MDF with baking paint. And the glass is 8mm tempered glass, we will install the led strip light. For the inside view, we have the storage cabinet and drawer.



The first step to start a cell phone kiosk is to make a customized 3D design. Please get back to us after you get the location size from the shopping mall.

Our design team will make a new 3D design with the size you want. Meanwhile, we can add your logo to the cell phone kiosk. After you review the 3d design of the cell phone kiosk, please feel free to get back to us if you need any changes.

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