Wood Shoe Kiosk in Mall Modern Shoe Display Counter for Sale

shoe kioskShoe shop plays a big role in our life. People buy shoes to go on different occasions. Opening a shoe kiosk is a profitable business idea in the mall. Today, I want to share a nice shoe kiosk with you.

Wood shoe kiosk decoration

Shoe kiosks mainly use to display and sell all kinds of shoes. So that people can purchase and try on their favorite style. It includes a display counter, glass case, and wood shelves, etc. Even if you have a large space, you can cooperate with others to control costs and increase sales. Such as coffee, bubble tea, frozen yogurt, smoothie, etc.

shoe display counterShoe display counter

We can see on the left side, there are different levels of display cabinet, display shelf to show shoes. They can also help us sort out shoes in a good way. Each layer can place 1-2 pairs of shoes, depends on the display showcase size.

The right side is a long counter, we can put hot sale shoes here. It has wood bar decorations on the surface. It is backlit and under-counter light to attracts attention. Your brand logo can attach here

The left side area hat rack and glass cabinets, it has a sliding cabinet behind. Clients can only reach the items with the help of employees.

shoe booth  shoe display booth

Food counter

The backside is a long bar counter with topping. The coffee machine is set on the counter table, fridges install at the bottom. You can sell drinks here. Clients are really like to buy a cup from you. In front has round shape lightbox posters to show food, which loves lovely and delicious.

Center counter

When your location is the same size as 4m by 3m or even larger. You can place a counter in the middle area. It can use to check bills or as a storage place.

Ceiling decoration

This shoe kiosk use wood ceiling decoration, we can attach brand signs here to inform customers. And can also add light to increase lighting.

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