Colorful style slipper display stand shopping mall retail kiosk

In the shopping mall, we can see many retail mall kiosks selling different products. Today we want to introduce a slipper shoe kiosk for you. If you are going to sell the slipper, you can check this kiosk design for reference.



Let us analyze the layout from this 3D slipper design. It has two sides for the slipper display wall cabinet. This two sides wall display cabinet use slatwall display and hook to hang on the slipper. And then the customer can choose their favorite product easily.

The inside view of the slipper display cabinet has some storage cabinet on the bottom of the display area. You can put some storage here. And also the whole slipper shoe kiosk has a small cashier counter. Yes, this cashier counter not need too big, a small one is enough for your need.

And the outside design, we can add your logo or some poster to let the whole shoe kiosk look more beautiful. The logo we can use 3D acrylic lighted logo, stainless steel lighted logo or make it as your need.



First, you need to find a location and let us know the size of it. And then the most important and first step is to make a customized 3D design. For a customized shoe kiosk design charge a 300USD design deposit. This is sincerity for us to start the project.

After the customer finalizes the final 3D design and all the details, we will quote the exact price to you. Pay 50% deposit and then we start the production. Our sales team will follow up the whole production with you.  And finally, if all confirm ok, pay 50% balance, we will check the shipping cost for you.


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