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With the fast development of the Internet, smartphone and computers have become important in our daily life. And people are increasingly inseparable from mobile phone accessories, such as mobile phone cases, sports headphones, chargers, etc. It’s a good time to open a phone store and sell accessories together. Today, I want to share a small investment in a mobile phone shop for you.

How to choose a phone store design?

When we start a business, finding a good store is very important. A good storefront means we have more potential customers. Shop rent and shop opening costs need to be within our budget. When you own a small shop, how to choose a mobile display cabinet? Here are some tips for your reference

phone store design

Create thematic mood

Set up a theme and complete the interior decoration around it. The use of wood grain color mobile phone cabinets is easy to give consumers deep feelings and memories. Although this kind of interior space is simple in decoration, its appeal to customers is not weak.

Repeat topic

Use signs or patterns to decorate, and reappear on the door, display device, and packaging bag to deepen the memory of customers.

Color decoration

The decoration design of the mobile phone shop should be bright. For example, the solid wood decoration can highlight the freshness and elegance of the shop and make people feel happy. Woodgrain mobile phone cabinets are becoming more and more popular, which can display goods and enhance the results of the display.

Description of phone sore furniture

phone shop

The interior design of the mobile phone shop is mainly based on the counter display. A reasonable design can not only increase the utilization rate of the effective area of the store but increase the utilization rate of the business facilities. The principle of the interior design of mobile phone stores is overall balance, highlighting functions, and facilitating the purchase.

Phone store furniture introduction:

Size: 3200mm*2000mm

Color: Wood and white color

Material: Plywood, solid wood, tempered glass, lightbox poster, acrylic logo, light lamp, spotlight, stainless steel, etc.

Function: Display showcase phone and phone accessories

Assembly: Easy to assembly and convenient to use


This phone shop furniture includes tall display cabinets along the wall, which has obtained the largest display space. There are 2 kinds of high display cabinets, one is display shelves with the light strip. The other is aluminum trough plate display cabinets. On top of each display, cabinets are lightbox painting, you can put up attractive and new products for advertising.

What attracts me most is the reception desk. The front side has glass display shelves with light. People can buy easily when pay bills. We can see the brand letter in front of the desk, it will leave a deep impression on people. It is also signage of your hope. So please make a logo design before opening. The backside has locked cabinets for POS. The main switch also set here for power supply.

phone stand

How to order the phone shop furniture?

Firstly, confirm how many counters and shelves included. As for a customized phone shop, we usually need a 3D design.

Secondly, send us your 3D design model and get a quotation. If you don’t have one, please send us the floor plan, our designer can help you make a new one.

Thirdly, confirm the final drawing. Quotation depends on the final design you need. 50% deposit for confirming order and production.

Fourthly, make the construction drawing. The construction drawing shows the detailed information of the design.

Finally, production of the kiosk. This shop furniture needs 25 working days to finish. We should take pictures and videos to show you the details.

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