Dark Blue Phone Store Fixture Display to Fort McMurray

Mobile phone plays a big role in our daily life. With the fast development of high tech, we can realize remote work, online shopping, online learning, watching videos, news through the computer. It’s a profit idea to open a smartphone store locally. Now, I want to share a phone store fixture decoration with you.

Introduction of computer store fixture

Dark blue usually create a strong sense of technology and make people feel happy. When entering the shop, we can see there are accessories wall display shelves on the right side. There is a logo with the brand logo on the top as a guide, so people can accurately find suitable mobile phone cases and accessories. And the bottom has locked cabinets.

computer store fixture

The opposite wall is full of lightbox paintings to show new products. In front side has 3 layers of glass display cabinets, which can better show and store phones. The backside is a long reception desk with a cashier counter. You can set this area as a customer service center and provide mobile phone repair services. While the back wall is a large smartphone poster with a 3D luminous logo on the top. There is a waiting sofa in the center, which allows people to rest and rationalize our shop.

computer shop

Most of the mobile phone store fixture includes center display counter, wall mount display cabinets, slat wall display stand, checkout counter, logo wall, etc. It’s very necessary to make a 3D design drawing first, so you can see how these furniture layouts match your business. Next, let’s move forward and see how to get the unique phone store fixture.

Order steps:

First: Tell us what kind of shop furniture you want. It’s better to draw a layout, so we know your requirements directly. If you know anything about decoration, our designer can help you with a professional drawing. But we need also to know your shop size, requirements and decorates color, and details.

Second: Pay the design fee and draw the 3D design. For this phone store at around 40sqm, the design fee is 500 USD and will refund during production. So you finally get a perfect 3D design for free. Design time needs about 5 working days. All the details show clearly in the design drawing.

Third: Confirm final design and order. If you have new ideas added to the drawing, we can help you do it soon. You can also send the agreed design for landlord approval. Once confirmed, we can check the total amount and move to the next step.

Finally: Finish construction drawing and manufacture the furniture. Construction drawings show how the material details, process details, and everything. The production also follows construction drawings, so please check them carefully.

Packing and shipping information:

Package after finish all the phone store fixtures. During the production process, we will take pictures to show you nearly all the steps. Whenever you want to view the details, we can show you because of the workshop near our office. As you confirm everything correct and ready to ship, we can clean the furniture and packing.

We first protect the cabinet with foam cotton and then wrap it with plastic film. And increase corner protection to avoid bumps. The outermost is packed in wooden boxes and filled with shockproof cotton to ensure that the furniture is stable. Even for long-distance delivery, you can still receive good products.

The shipping method depends on the final destination and time. If you need it urgently and don’t worry about the cost, we recommend air shipping. Most of us use sea-to-port transportation services, of course, DDU can also be delivered to your door. Rail transportation is also a good way to ship goods.

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