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With the advancement of information technology and the improvement of the national economy, mobile phones have become a common necessity for popularization. It’s a very good chance to open a small phone cover store and earn money. Today, I want to share a nice phone cover shop design here. Hope it will give you more ideas when beginning with small shops.

The advantages of phone cover shop:

The mobile phone case is a great advantage of mobile phone accessories. You can start multiple businesses at the same time, such as mobile phone repair, second-hand mobile phone sales, mobile phone accessories sales, and so on. This can not only make full use of the limited space but also improve the competitiveness of the product

Increasing competitiveness:

The growth of the main business will bring you more benefits. The sales of these additional products will enable merchants to occupy an important share in the fierce competition in the same industry. Big advantage. Thereby increasing the visibility and influence of the product.

Low operating coefficient:

When all products related to mobile phone accessories are concentrated in one store, manpower can be saved. And you can have more of your own investment in operating stores to maximize profits.

Big market demand:

There are huge mobile phone users in cities, and these mobile phone users have various mobile phone business needs. The services we need most in our lives are mobile phone repair, mobile phone film, etc. Mobile phone accessories stores just meet these needs of consumers, and business growth will greatly open up the market.

Description of phone cover store

Phone cover store including mobile phone stand, wall cabinets, glass display showcase, checkout counter, brand logo wall, slat wall display, and even phone repair desk, etc. What you should do is to find a good place for them and make full use of space. Today, I bring an attractive phone cover store design to you. Hope it will give you ideas for phone store decoration.

phone stand

3D design show

This phone accessories shop design follow our customers’ needs. Reception counter with L- shaped counter at the entrance. The opposite wall has a white glass display showcase with a locked glass door. The bottom has two raw cabinets for storage. While inside the wall is two slat wall display stand with hooks, you can hang items directly. Let’s view more details directly from the picture

mobile phone shop Phone store furniture

More information:

We use MDF as the basic material. White baking painting as surface material. That high level the phone cover shop and outstanding. Brand logos, posters, red wall cabinets also make the store very unique. A 20 square meter shop needs about 3-5 days to design. Our designer will take a meeting to sort out good ideas first, then drawing the 3D model accordingly to make sure you receive a perfect phone cover shop design.

smart phone fixture

Management skills

First, a stable source of supply

Because if there are enough sources of supply, then our phone accessories can be used for more sales, this is the first thing we need to complete.

Second, choose matching sales

When a customer is buying a mobile phone film, then we can sell our mobile phone protective case. This can help us increase sales

Third, rational use of coupons and discount promotions

If a customer holds a coupon for your mobile phone shop stand, he will choose to buy it at your shop. Customers are more willing to buy earphones and mobile phone cases when they are on sale. Because they can get more products at a cheap price

Fourth, purchase a variety of products for selection

When the customer chooses, introduce as many similar accessories as possible to let the other party be selective. Many people like to choose when buying accessories. This is a very important skill.

Finally, pay attention to store decoration

This is actually very important because a good-looking store can attract customers. If it fails to attract customers, it is obviously not easy to have a business. This is also very important.

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