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Mobile phones are a must-have product for modern people. The market demand is large. Opening a mobile phone shop is now the most profitable business. However, if you want to successfully operate a mobile phone store. You must have a good business method, so how to run a mobile phone store? I will introduce you in detail below for your reference.

The details of operating a mobile phone store

The location of the store is very important:

The local migrant population and the location should be selected. The clerk needs to be trained by a good store manager, and to do it full-time, so that competition can be strong.

The environment of the shop:

It mainly includes comprehensive factors such as hardware equipment, lighting, music, and ventilation of the store, which affects the comfort of customers’ purchase or fails to stimulate customers’ desire to purchase.

The sales skills of a salesperson:

The poor sales skills of the clerk are an important factor that affects the turnover rate. Therefore, the operator should pay attention to the training of the sales skills of the clerk, and let the store’s number one or related experts come to train the clerk. Improve employees’ sales skills.

Brand promotion:

A good location requires publicity and promotion. Therefore, stores in poor locations need to be promoted and promoted, and some activities can be used to increase traffic. Although this is not new, it must be taken seriously.

Mobile phones are a necessary product for people. There is also a very market for repairing mobile phones. It is also very important to have certain repair technology when opening a mobile phone shop. As long as the business method is correct, customers will be able to make money.

How the customer order from us?

This is a cellphone store we made for a customer from UK. The customer contacted us and want to make a cellphone store design. I said we are the customized factory for the cellphone store display furniture. We can make a new cellphone shop design with your floor plan and your brand logo. And then I shared some phone shop design for your reference. I send some cell phone store 3d design, production pictures and some production videos to the customer.

Basic information before make the 3d design:

I shared a shop we shipped to USA, the customer sent the feedback pics to us. This customer sells cellphone cases and other phone accessories, also they do the phone repair service too. The material of the showcase is MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, the size and color both can customized.

And then the customer asked about the shipping process because he hasn’t use sea shipping and import from China before. I said we will ship the display furniture by sea. And after we finish the production, we will pack the showcase ( foam inside and wooden box outside ). Don’t worry about the shipping, because we can arrange the shipping for you. To the destination port or to the door to door address. He asked about the payment term and payment method. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. We accept T/T bank transfer, western union payment method.

Then the customer sent the style of display showcase him want and the dimensions of his shop. And he asked about the approximate price of the wall display cabinet and small showcase. We quoted the estimated price to him because of the exact price based on the final design. If the different design will be a different price.

Then the customer asked: ” it will be ready to pit in the shop straight away? Or we need someone to install this?” I said we will install all the wires and sockets in our factory. You just need to connect the wires to your shop power supply then the shop can work.

The design deposit of the cell phone shop:

After that, the customer wants to start to make the design. For the mobile phone shop design, we will charge 500$ design deposit. And then the customer agreed and paid the design deposit. Our sales team get back the dimensions and layout of the shop. Also the requirements of the customer then we get started to the 3d design.

Confirm the 3d design of the mobile phone store:

We send the 3d design within 3-5 working days. After the customer checked the design. He wants the shop to look more full. Then our customer put more display showcase in it. Finally, this is the final 3d design the customer confirmed. We can customize the shop according to your budget. If you don’t have enough budget, we can put less showcase in the shop. If enough budget, we can put more display cabinets in the shop.

Please let me know if you also want to make such a cell phone store design. We can help you from design to shipping.

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