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Nowadays, the popularity of mobile phones is getting higher and higher. And more and more merchants are opening mobile phone shops. Mobile phone shops are everywhere on the street. Some friends very interested in opening a mobile phone shop. But because they don’t understand the industry, they don’t know how to start. How to open a mobile phone shop? What are the precautions for opening a mobile phone shop?

Nowadays, no matter which country people are, mobile phones are already a must-have product that people are very familiar with. In order to grab the market, mobile phone manufacturers updating their mobile applications faster and faster. Leading to faster and faster updates of everyone’s mobile phones.

The steps required to open a mobile phone shop are as follows:

For market research, geographic location is very important. Including the consumption level of the surrounding population, geographical environment, housing rent, water and electricity, employee salaries, etc.

Purchase channels.

You can pay attention to what are the current common mobile phone brands, and what brands need to import.

Capital preparation.

You need to consider in advance how big a store your funds can open. How much money need to pay rent, purchase mobile phones, hire employees, etc. at the beginning. And how much money need to maintain the business.


Opening a mobile phone shop needs to be equipped with some mobile phone accessories. Such as data cables, earphones, chargers, mobile phone cases and so on. Of course, you also need a display cabinet to display your mobile phone and these mobile phone accessories.

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How to make a wonderful mobile phone shop display showcase?

Many mobile phone shop display cabinet designs are very successful. If you want to customize a mobile phone display cabinet, you need to make a good idea in every aspect. Think about the design of others and why it is good. If I design this way, will different storefronts work? Can it have the same effect?
Every detail of the structure of the mobile display cabinet production needs to consider and thoughtful in advance. Because it will affect the use, don’t wait until an employee suddenly reports to you that there are many problems here. And there in the mobile phone display cabinet, which is serious enough to hinder the work.
Our designers will carefully plan some production details of the mobile display cabinet. Another style theme is also critical, which is why a successful storefront can attract you in an instant.

3D design of the mobile phone display cabinet:

This is a mobile phone display cabinet that can use to display mobile phones, mobile phone cases, iPad and iPad cases, mobile phone boxes and iPad boxes. You can see that the display cabinet on the left side of the picture is used to display the mobile phone and has four shelves. The display cabinet on the right is used to display the iPad and has three shelves. The shelves are removable because the customer wants to display the cellphone and want it both can display iPad. So we make the shelves adjustable then the customer can adjust the height of the shelves as you like.

The material of this cell phone display stand is MDF with baking paint, 8mm tempered glass, the lock is the Hettich brand, it is a Germany brand lock. Because the customer wants a good lock, so we use this lock brand. Each lock has each key, so it is not the same lock with key.

Cellphone store fixture design:

Each store has its own unique design style and theme when designing. What it conveys is a feeling and atmosphere, which is the central idea that the store wants to convey. If you are selling a certain brand of mobile phone, then the mobile phone’s promotional logo must match the design style and theme. Such as mobile display cabinets, space design, lighted box advertising design and other visual elements that must all unified and coordinated styles, Coordination is attractive.

You can learn from the design of successful storefront display cabinets. But you can’t apply it statically. It should base on your own store structure. Maybe because the size of the mobile phone display cabinet you need is different, displaying it in another structural space is another effect. Even the display design is a certain rule, not a random piece.

Our designers suggest you can start from the following three ideas to design display showcase:

1. The display design is convenient for customers to watch.
2. Guiding display design.
3. The display is tidy and generous.

So you can come to our company for a professional customization of mobile phone display cabinets. So that you can no longer worry about these trivial matters, we can all solve all your worries for you.

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