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Hey guys, I am happy that you read this article now. I guess you want to have a cell phone store deisgn and want to buy some furnitures to sell your products and open your business, right? If my idea is right, i think you will got many information from this article. Today i am here to introduce a nice cell phone store design for you. Now please read it carefully.

Due to cell phone become more and more popular. And many cell phone brands have riven up. So many people want to buy advanced cell phone and advanced cell phone parts. It is a good idea to open a cell phone store. For these reasons, many business man want to open their own business in this field.

cell phone furnitures

Some information about this deisgn:

From the first picture, as you can see, the whole store color is use the red and write as the mainly color. And also have some other colors, like black, yellow and so on. The whole store looks very modern and fashion.

Not the color is nice, the layout also very nice and reasonable. As you can see the second picture. When you see it at the first sight. There are five display showcases on it. Three have chairs can let customer to have a rest and sit down to experience product, and other two showcases don’t have chairs. It used to show some cell phones and other smart products. Besides, you can see there are severn cell phone parts display showcases on the wall. On the left wall have four and at the innermost also have three showcases. Next to it, have a reception counter and a write cabinet. It can use to put some cell phone parts and many things you want to put it. Above it and on the left it also have the area to put posters or the Led box. So that it can paly a role in publicity and attract customers’ attention. Next to the reception counter, have a square special showcase with Led box to show some different cell phone. All furnitures use the write and red color to make, It is suitable for the whole store style. Do you like this unique design?


About us:cell phone store deisgn

We are a professional custom company, and we have our own factory. In this field, we have 11 years experience.

All can customized:

We have our own design team and excellent designers. They also have some many years experience in this field. They will according to your requirements make 3D model to customized for you. The size, the color, and the stlye all can customize for you.

Our serives:

We have a friendly serives team. When you need help, they will always online to help you. Before you decided to make deisgn from our company, they will give you some ideas to help you choose. When you placed a order and our workers start to make your furnitures, they will take pictures and videos for you day by day, until your furnitures finished. What is more, if the products ship to your country have problems, they will help you. Because we have after-sales serives. We will try our best to let you feel satisifed.

These some detail images:

cell phone display showcase

cell phone showcase

cell phone table


In addition, If you trust our company and choose our company, we will help you to make a nice design and our company can give you a nice experience and can give you high quality furnitures. If you have any question, feel free contact us, we will always online for help you. Welcome inquiry!

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