Upscale Computer Store Furniture Laptop Display Counter to Djibouti

Do you know how to choose a laptop display counter? As for a customized kiosk and shop fixture manufacturer, we made many laptop store furniture. They are in different styles and sizes for different countries. I like this laptop display desk very much. Here is the information sharing with you today.

computer counter

Description of laptop display counter

It mainly used to set in the middle shop, people can see the laptop when they enter the room. This laptop display counter is an “I” shape design, the top counter used for place laptops. While the middle frame support decorates in white and orange color like a “V”. The base color is black, looks very bright and luxurious because it has a light lamp inside.

We can display the laptop on both sides. The center is separated by a transparent glass plate, which allows people to view and experience directly. The brand name can also be attached to the V support frame. This area can also use as a storage cabinet for more items.

laptop display counter

More information


The main material is MDF, the surface material is white baking paint, white baking paint, and orange baking paint. Other materials included an 8mm tempered glass and an acrylic plate with a light lamp.


The size is 2000mm L*1000mm D* 1000mm H. We can also make another size according to shop space.


  1. The display cabinet can display more laptops well.
  2. Decorate laptop shop
  3. Enhance brand image and attract customers to buy

How to make the laptop display counter?

computer kiosk design

Story to get the laptop furniture

Our customer wants creative and modern display counters for a new shop. In order to communicate well, he sends us a sample for reference. Then our designer makes a 3D design for his confirmation. However, he wants to change the color, we update the drawing soon. We have modified it 3 times in total to get this final design. That’s why we should spend more time designing.

Design steps

Firstly, confirm design ideas about the laptop fixture. It includes size, color, style, shape, and everything you think is better.

Secondly, make the 3D design based on the description. The design time takes about 2-3 working days. And it needs about 300usd before order.

Thirdly, check the first design and modify it better. If you like it very much, we can view it as the final design.

Fourthly, check the laptop cost and quotation.  The price depends on the quantity and design.

Finally, make the construction drawing and produce it.

laptop store furniture

Production & Packing & Shipping

Our workers make the laptop counter step by step and they focus on progress to make it perfect. Each step will take photos for your confirmation.

 Production steps

Prepare material always the first step to production. Then make the wood counter body as the second step. The next step is to make finished the decoration. We have to paint the kiosk more than 5 times. The last step is adding glass and light.

Package details

When the goods ready, we will test them and clean them up. Then package well for shipment. We usually use PE foam to cover the kiosk body and make corner protection. Outside is a wooden box, the gap between them is filled with sponges to avoid movement.

Shipping method

We usually ship the laptop furniture by boat, so you can pick up goods from the seaport. In the case of not overweight, we can choose air freight. Though the shipping cost is higher, it saves much time. And it arrives at the airport. When choosing DDU shipping, you can receive goods from the address.

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