Wood Fast Food Kiosk Retail Sushi Kiosk Counter in Mall for Sale

Fast food shop plays a very big role in our daily life. Especially for people who don’t have time to cook, food stores are a place to replenish energy. With the gradual opening of shopping malls, more and more food stores will open in the malls. Now is the best time to start fast food kiosk plan.

Wood fast food kiosk design

fast food kiosk

The fast-food kiosk mainly uses to sell food and drinks. It is good to sell sushi, hot dog, cake, coffee, juice, and tea. No matter what kind of food you sell, it can help you out. As it is a customized kiosk follow the special idea.

Layout decoration

This fast-food kiosk size is 4m by 3m. As we can see the front side has a large display showcase, we can place cakes, the food here for pick up. Next to it is a cashier counter with a menu with a price list on the kiosk body. So, clients can purchase according to the menu. On the left side is a display counter with an entrance door.

The backside is a working counter with a water sink. We can also leave a space in the corner for the machine and add wall shelves on the high wall. Besides, we use the right side as both a workbench and a seating area. The working counter set inside, separated from the dining table by a glass penal. The top ceiling has a large round brand logo, clients can see it from distance.

drink kiosk

Color introduction

The main color of the fast-food kiosk is brown wood and tile wall decoration. It matches the brand culture and looks very high-end. It can also bring a comfortable feeling to customers. We can also use other colors to create a modern and creative effect. Colors that meet the positioning of the store are the most suitable.

Material show

  • Main material: Plywood
  • Surface material: Solid wood or wood laminate tile
  • Countertop: Marble stone
  • Ceiling: A metal holder for the logo
  • Kicking: Stainless steel
  • Logo: Lightbox logo
  • Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, menu, etc.

Story to confirm the final design

sushi kiosk design

When I first received the inquiry. The owner wanted a food kiosk to sell fast food and drinks. Then I confirmed the kiosk size, material, color, and style with him. In order to understand it better, he sent us a reference photo and a rough sketch. That really helps, so we made a deal and start 3D design drawing. After 3 days, we got the first design drawing for confirmation. He liked it very much and told us to make small changes to choose one to continue. We updated the drawings immediately and the owner finally confirms the first design. And submitted it to the mall manager for approval.

How to produce the fast-food kiosk

The workers produce the fast-food kiosk according to the confirmed drawing. As it shows all the detailed information, such as size, material, electronic plan, three views of each counter, etc.

juice kiosk

First step: Prepare materials as design shows.

Second step: make wood kiosk body.

Third step: Attach the wood panel to the kiosk finish

Last step: Assembly the light, cables, and lock doors.

We should install the fast-food kiosk well in the factory and test it before the package. So every customer can receive the correct food kiosk to start the business. The owner only needs to arrange the counter neatly and connect to the power supply. The production time needs about 28 working days. We recommend leaving around 3 months to get the kiosk, as it takes time to confirm the design and store review.

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