Mini sushi kiosk retail food display showcase for sale

Sushi is fast and convenient food for the people. It is a famous food all over the world and many people love it. Sushi is easy to make and delicious. If you want to start a food business, a sushi business is not a bad idea.  We can make a sushi kiosk for you to start a sushi business. Now let us see a mini sushi kiosk design together.



This is a small size sushi kiosk, the size is about 2 x 1 m. If you don’t have enough budget, you can try to make a small sushi kiosk first. The front side is a sushi display fridge. And inside is a small work counter, small size for only 1 staff. On the top is a round shape ceiling, we can put the sushi stickers here.


 We can customize a new sushi kiosk design for you. You can send us the size of the equipment then we can leave the space for you. And when we make the design, we can put the equipment on the 3d design for you to see the effect.

For a customized 3D sushi kiosk design charge a 300$ design deposit. You can tell us all your requirements and then we will discuss them with our design team.

Our design team will make and send the 3D sushi kiosk design in 3-5 working days. You can check the 3D sushi kiosk design and let us know if anything needs to change. We will change the 3D sushi kiosk design until you are satisfied. The modified service is for free.



The price of a sushi kiosk is based on the size, material and design. For example, this sushi kiosk, size 2 x 1 m, material MDF with baking paint. The price is about 3800$ not include the equipment.

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