Wholesale White Glossy Watch Kiosk in Mall

Watch kiosk is seen on the first floor of the shopping center. It is usually near the jewelry kiosks and cosmetic kiosks. A good location and luxury service booth can help you win more clients and go further.

watch kioskIntroduction of watch kiosk

This watch kiosk is suitable near a back wall location. If it’s the first time you start a business, it’s a good watch kiosk to use. Because it needs a small location can save cost but attracts clients.

Location size

It needs an area of 3m by 1.8m. When you rent other sizes, we can also make it fit your location.

watch showcase

Watch kiosk color

This watch kiosk color is white with a white light lamp. It can reflect the black logo well and looks elegant. You can also use other colors to decorate the watch kiosk

Display showcase

The front has 3 glass display showcases in total. They are at different levels to show products. We can see two rectangular showcases, with a glass counter on the top, and neatly placed watches inside. At the surface has a hollow-out luminous logo, While under the counter has a white strip display with a light on the top.

watch table

We can see the side has a squared individual display stand. It also has glass display counters with light at the top. The bottom is designed to retract inward, which looks very unique.

Wall cabinet

Wall cabinets set at the back, view as a display cabinet and brand image wall. You can attach the brand logo at the bop, below are advertising lightbox posters and new arrival watches styles. In the middle are glass display shelves with mirrors, which broaden the view of wall cabinets. The bottom has lock cabinets, we can store more watches for sale.

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