Unique Shape Metal Texture Watch Display Cabinet

watch kiosk

Time is very important to everyone. People wear watches to remind themselves of the time and to show others their characteristics. With the rapid development of society, watches have become a symbol of status. Here is a unique style watch kiosk sharing with you.

Unique Shape watch kiosk

This watch kiosk is a very large size, we can also make it the same size you need. The watch kiosk’s main color is black with wood grain decoration, which high level your watch shop.

watch display counterIntroduction of watch kiosk design

Before opening a watch kiosk business, we have to think about the decoration, layout, styles, and materials. We can customize it to meet the mall rules. What’s more, the watch kisok has a cashier counter, display showcase, brand sign, and ceiling decoration.

Reception desk

The reception desk is set in the middle area, clients can consult the information about their favorite watches. We can see on the surface has brand logos and posters. That makes clients remember your shop.

watch showcase

Watch display showcase

There is a total of 9 watch display showcases involved in this watch kiosk. They have multiple glass shelves to show watches. Glass showcase has lights to increase brightness and glass doors keep thieves away from watches. Besides, each watch counter helps you sort out watches well. On the bottom are lock cabinets with moveable shelves, you can store more watches for sale.

Unique ceiling with support

As we can see in the design, the watch kiosk ceiling has many metal tubes in an undulating shape, which looks very high-end and unique. We can place the hang brand logo there so that clients can see you easily and buy watches from you.

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