Black Watch Kiosk in Mall Glass Display Showcase for Sale

watch showcase

Watch view as a symbol of character. People who are punctual always make a good impression. We are used to watches that remind us of time. Whenever you plan to start a business, a watch kiosk in the mall is a good choice. Because of its simple operation and high profits. Here is a nice profit to show you.

Watch kiosk design

This watch kiosk size is 3m by 3m, includes a watch display showcase, storage cabinet, brand logo, etc. The main material is MDF to build the kiosk body and the surface material is baking paint with a matte effect. Tempered glass place on the counter table, mainly use to show watches in a good way.

watch stand

Introduction of watch kiosk

Front side

The front counter has a glass showcase at the top, the bottom has drawers for storage. Brand signs attach to the kiosk body to leave a deep impression on people. You can also put up advertising posters to show new invention items for sale.

Corner counter

There is a high-level glass showcase in the corner, it uses as a glass window for your watch shop. So that people can view the items from their first eyesight. There are posters attach to the glass door for advertising. Inside the glass, the showcase has a spotlight to highlight the products.

watch kioskBackside

The entrance set at the backside, near the exit is an advertising stand with a large watch. We can also add brand signs facing the public.

Unique watch kiosk

The watch kiosk is customized based on special requirements. So you can think of the watch kiosk decoration in advance, then add them to the watch kiosk. And you can get a perfect watch kiosk to start business.

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