The watch kiosk design

A mall watch kiosk design that is different from ordinary ones. At first glance, the black glass display counter and golden metal frame give this watch kiosk a high-end and luxurious atmosphere. First of all, this watch kiosk is a square space composed of multiple display cabinets and floors. There is a rectangular glass display cabinet on the front and an independent floor-to-ceiling glass display cabinet on each side.

The internal details

The internal intervals of the rectangular glass display cabinets are of different lengths. Light strips are added under it and inside all glass display cabinets to illuminate watches and create a luxury atmosphere respectively. Print your logo on the front of the display cabinet to deepen your brand impression. The left and right sides of the watch kiosk are also different. On the left is the entrance and exit and an information desk with a logo on the surface.

There is also a U-shaped metal frame on the left with spotlights and a hangtag logo. There is only a glass display cabinet on the right, but the interior is divided into three parts with different lengths. At the same time, the logo is also printed on the surface, and you can see the last side of the watch booth, the back. I also made a U-shaped metal frame, exactly like the one on the left. After looking at the overall appearance of the watch kiosk, take a look at the interior of the kiosk. Inside is a table with three drawers, making it easy to explain the details of the watch to customers.


We’re custom factory, we can custom the new design according to your requirements, such as size, colors, style etc. If you need the design to get the approval of the mall and products, we also have professional design team to make the 3d design, because we have helped many customers to get the approval of the mall. And the design fee is USD300. It will include inside and outside effect pictures. Any modify place, we will re-modify it. If you are interesting in this mall watch kiosk design, please feel free to contact us, thanks.

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